Guardian Homes

Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian Homes are pet or show homes where we place dogs to live as family companions, show dogs or sport dogs. You get to experience and grow with a well bred Xolo. In order to give OUR breeding dogs the very best life possible, it’s important to limit how many dogs we personally keep and house BUT also we understood in order to breed the highest quality dogs we also needed to keep, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines to our breeding program. Click here to find out more...

Owned by Breeder, raised by Guardian

Technically, they still belong to the breeder. You agree to take them ‘on terms’ and become a Guardian Family.

What is a Guardian Family?

A ‘Guardian’ is a person who agrees to raise and care for a breeder’s dog as a loved family pet for the duration of its life. Guardian Families are used by responsible breeders to ensure that their breeding animals have happy, healthy lives as loved family pets from a younger age. Breeders who use this method generally have a deep love and respect for their dogs and subscribe to the belief that the best puppies come from a family pet environment.

The Guardian has a contract with the breeder to keep the dog in good health and condition and to allow the dog to be bred for a certain number of years before they are neutered or spayed and legal ownership is given to the Guardian.

Terms regarding medical expenses, breeding costs etc.… will be spelled out in the contract.

Should we become a Guardian Family?

The answer is, it really depends on your individual circumstances and motivations. Becoming a Guardian is a commitment to not only the normal requirements of raising or owning a dog, but has some added responsibility. The best advice I can give is to talk over your interest with the breeder if you are considering it.

If you’re serious, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you willing to work with the breeder? You can expect extra vet visits, check-ups and your pet going on ‘honeymoon’. While the breeder will work

  • with you, you need to be willing to be supportive of the process and be accommodating with balancing your family life and your pet’s needs.

  • Do you like the breeder? For this relationship to work, you need to like and trust the breeder you’re working with. At times, you’ll have a lot to do with each other and you want to make sure you can communicate effectively and get along.

  • Can you put the time into training? No one says your dog needs to be Lassie but some basic obedience is crucial for all breeding dogs. If you want to reduce stress on the dog, it’s helpful to maintain consistency with the rules and expected behaviors between your house and the breeder’s house. You need to be willing to socialize your dog and put the effort into exposing them to other people and animals.

  • Can you give your dog up for a week here and there? This is the hardest part. But when your dog is needed for breeding they will likely return to the breeder for about a week! It’s emotional for some and if you have young kids, it might be a difficult concept to explain.

  • Are you planning on staying put for the next few years? It goes without saying but if you’re considering a transfer to Dubai or interstate in the next year or two, this may not be a beneficial arrangement for you or the breeder.

If after all that, you’re still keen…

Then absolutely, start looking into it.

Call the breeder and have a chat about your individual circumstances and what might be right for you both. Talk about your motivations, get to know them and get a feel for whether or not you feel you can trust them. Evaluate the contract you’re offered and make a well-informed decision.

Loving a dog (or dogs!) that don’t legally belong to you can be hard. It’s not easy being without your pet for periods of time. But while it’s emotional, it’s highly rewarding knowing that from this partnership, another family will have a dog they adore as much as you do yours. Plus, meeting the puppies is pretty special!

Interested in more information and filling out an application? Click Here

Guardian Home Program Basics

Guardian Home Program Basics

Our guardians are responsible for the dog’s regular health maintenance: annual exams, vaccines, food, etc. We pay for health testing required for breeding, and all breeding related expenses. Once the dog has passed their health testing he is added to our breeding program. We decide when they will be bred and to whom they will be bred to, typically they will come to us when they are needed for breeding and then be returned to their guardian family.